5 Unique Items For Your Hurricane Supply Kit

When hurricane season hits it’s a mad dash to get the right supplies for your home. Outside of flashlights and food are a few unique items that may improve the stormy situation.  Check out our list of 5 unique items for your hurricane supply kit.

Supplies and inventory can vary by store.

Variety of Batteries
One would think that AA and AAA batteries run your household, but it seems that as lucky would have electronics run on a variety of battery options.  Stock your supply kit with several battery options including C and D and make sure you have them in multiply quantities.  The average home electronic uses 4 total batteries.  Place the batteries in a zip-lock bag to keep them dry.  Next, locate the expiration date on the battery package and write them in permanent ink on the zip-lock so you know when to replace.

Tub Plug
Water can become contaminated during a hurricane and depending upon the situation may even get shutoff.  Clean your bathtub thoroughly. Fill your bathtub with water so you have your own personal source to utilize.  Utilize a tub plug to lock the water into the tub.  When cooking with the tub water, always boil the water first.

Battery Back Up Bulbs
Besides having a variety of flashlights on hand, consider outfitting your lamps and light fixtures with Feit Battery Back Up Bulbs.  These light bulbs activate when the power goes out and last up to 3 hours.   It’s rechargeable, fits a standard light bulb fixture, and can be ready whenever a need occurs.

Flex Tape
From a leaky ceiling to a broken window Flex Tape can be a universal tool to helping scary situations fast. Flex Tape is a strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything.  Flex tape offers you the ability to seal out water, air and moisture by creating a watertight barrier for your home.

Grill Power
Whether it’s propane for your gas grill or charcoal for your kettle grill have your fueling power accessible and plentiful.  If power is out your cooking options are limited.  Grilling is a great option to nourish your post storm appetite.  Always take into consideration the temperature and condition of food if your power is out.