8 Gifts for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Help new home owners leave the stress of closing paperwork and reward their achievement with the perfect gift to help make their house a home. Check out our list of the best house warming gifts.

Craftsman® Heavy-Duty 6 Drawer Tool Chest – Help them get organized from the very start. A tool chest will help the awkward conversation “where did you put my hammer?!”  The Craftsman tool chest is the perfect fit to any garage, complete with a lock to keep tool snatchers from “borrowing” that tool and never returning it.

Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator – Save your lungs and put away the bike pump, this is the tool they need.  It’s a must have for every home with a powerful 125 PSI to pump everything from vehicle tires to basketballs!

Weber Genesis II – Grilling isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. It’s time to make them stand out in their new neighborhood with a grill that says “we mean business.” One of the best parts about this grill is the GS4 Grilling System ( Infinity Ignition, High Performance Burners, Grease Management System.) And it comes complete with the iGrill thermometer. This enables the user to grill their meal to their specified request, all by tracking the temperature from their mobile phone.

Craftsman® C3 Lithium Drill/Driver Kit – It’s simple, a power drill is a must have for every home. Start them off with the very best, a Craftsman. This is perfect for hanging up frames, assembling furniture and so much more.

Toro Electric Blower And Vac – Taking care of the home can be exhausting, so any tool that can make home ownership easier is always a best bet gift. From blowing grass clippings to leaves, a Toro Electric Blower and Vac can get the job done in less time than a broom or a rake.

MyQ® Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote – You’re going to have to change the locks, why not also secure the biggest door in your house… the garage door. This Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote will monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone.  It’s perfect for the family that always gets locked out or needs to provide a friend with home access while they’re away.

Craftsman® Hand Tools – A perfect item that is great for your budget is an assortment of Craftsman Hand Tools. For less than $10 each you can grab a tape measure, screwdriver, clamps, level, utility knife and more. Place them all in a Craftsman® 13″ Work Bag and you have yourself a starter set that is fit for any home.

E-Cloth Cleaning Products – Let’s see if these actually make it to your gift recipient, you may end up keeping them yourself! These cloths come in an assortment of options from cleaning glass, countertops to stainless steel and all you need is water… that’s right just the cloth and water. No more chemicals needed to keep your home clean and the results are like nothing you’ve ever seen.