Get Your Barbecue Grill Ready for Winter

Whether you’re a year round griller, or you pack your grill away during the cold months, it’s a good idea to spend some time cleaning and inspecting your grill after a long season of barbecues. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your grill will reliably fire up and last for years to come.

  1. Give your grill a thorough cleaning. Remove the components and scrape the inside of the cookbox using a sturdy bristle brush.  Take an old rag and a bucket of hot soapy water and clean every surface of the grill both inside and out. Don’t forget to empty the grease tray. If you are storing your grill for the winter, make sure it’s completely dry before packing it away.
  2. Inspect your components. If you need replacement parts, now is a good time to think about ordering them.  Check all hoses on a gas grill to ensure they aren’t aging and have no cracks.
  3. Season cast iron cooking grids. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to clean, dry cooking grids. This creates an extra layer of protection against rust.  If you won’t be using your grill for a while,  bring your grids inside and store them in a dry, warm place.
  4. Invest in a heavy-duty grill coverIt will help protect your grill from the elements.
  5. Store propane cylinders in a well ventilated area. If storing your grill indoors,  detach and store propane cylinders in a well-ventilated area (detached garage, outdoor shed, etc.) Storing them in your home is very dangerous,  even the smallest of leaks can cause serious damage.
  6. For outdoor use only. Never use your barbecue in an enclosed space such as a garage, shed, or balcony.  Also ensure your grill is at least 30″ away from combustible surfaces and nothing is overhanging the cooking surface.