How To Keep Ants Away

How To Keep Ants Away

Spring and early summer can mean a real ant problem in your home.  There are so many types of ants.  Sweet ants, carpenter ants, fire ants. That controlling them can seem daunting.  Here are some tips to try for your home.

  • Start with an outside perimeter treatment of your home. Pumps and granules from several makers will create a barrier that when the ants cross it will help to eliminate the ant issue at that point and even back at the colony.

  • Spray treatments can help you reach out of the way spots like under siding or in between bricks where you may see ants coming and going.

  • For ant mounds that you may have in your yard. You can treat the individual mounds as you see them with liquid and or granular products or treat the entire yard with a broadcast spreader.  If you choose the latter, make sure you follow the instructions on the container and keep your children and pets off of the lawn for the appropriate amount of time.

  • Indoors you can use ant traps and ant bait stations. Both are effective and both will initially attach more ants which seems counter intuitive.  But once the ants feed on the bait they take it back to the colony and after a couple of days the ant issue should be solved.

  • Finally inspect around your home to identify cracks and holes where ants may be entering and fill those shut and indoors.  A gap and crack filler works great.  Don’t forget to keep counter clean and food in cabinets and pantries tightly sealed.