How To Make Ribs On The Traeger

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That awesome moment when you get home from dinner and realize you spilled some bbq sauce down the front of your shirt.  Its okay, it happens to all of us.  But the best part of this is… when you smile from ear to ear because you know that sauce came off some amazing ribs.  Please let me introduce you to those amazing ribs.

Print Recipe Here Lip Smackin Ribs

Yield: 4 Racks of Ribs

Prep time: 20 Minutes Prep

Total time: 6 Hours Minute cook time


Measure   Ingredient                                                                                    Prep Notes      

4 Racks        Ribs, Pork, Baby Back or St. Louis Sparerib                Membrane peeled

Taste            Rub A Dub Rub, 5280 Culinary

Taste            Oink Rub, 5280 Culinary

Taste            High Altitude BBQ Sauce, 5280 Culinary                     Robust BBQ Sauce Flavor


Taste            Low Country BBQ Sauce, 5280 Culinary                     Carolina Mustard Flavor


Taste            Happy Ending BBQ Sauce, 5280 Culinary                  Asian BBQ Flavor

Prep Directions:

  • Buy Fresh ribs and be sure to remove the membrane on the rib side of the rack
  • TIP – for easily removal of the membrane
    • Peel a corner of the membrane back
      • We use a dull butter knife to get under between the membrane and rib
    • Grab the membrane corner with a napkin or paper towel, grab firm
    • Pull the membrane back using a firm consistent pull
      • If membrane tears, don’t sweat it. Grab the dull butter knife and start again
    • Discard membrane
  • TIP – for a more robust flavor
    • Season the ribs, wrap and refrigerate for 6-12 hours (or overnight)


RIB Notes:

  • Baby Back Ribs
    • Most tender and most lean ribs
    • Connected to the backbone and nestled under the loin muscle
    • Slab usually contains 10 to 13 bones, bones tend to be curved
  • Spareribs AKA St. Louis Style or St. Louis Cut
    • Very tender and contain more heavier bones and more pork fat
    • Connected to the lower belly area
    • Trimmed of breastbone and rib tips/cartilage
    • Slab usually contains 11 bones


Cooking Directions:

  1. Rub Directions:
    1. Peel the rib membrane and place onto a cooking sheet
    2. Sprinkle the desired amount of 50/50 blend of Rub A Dub and Oink rub onto the meat side and allow to become tacky and wet
    3. Turn the ribs over and sprinkle the desired amount of 50/50 Blend of Rub A Dub and Oink onto the rib side and allow to become tacky and wet
    4. Allow the rub to sit for 20 minutes before smoking
      1. TIP – for a more robust flavor
      2. Season the ribs, wrap and refrigerate for 6-12 hours (or overnight)
    5. Traeger Smoking Directions:
      1. Fill hopper with your favorite pellets or pellet blend recipe – We used Big Game Blend
      2. Turn the Traeger ON to smoke setting and allow smoke to start
      3. Once smoke has started place the ribs meat side up and smoke for 3 hours with the lid closed
      4. At the 3 hour mark remove the ribs to the cooking sheet
      5. Close the lid to the Traeger and turn temp to 225 degrees
      6. Adjust the seasoning on the ribs if desired
      7. Brush both sides of the ribs with High Altitude BBQ Sauce, then drizzle with Low Country BBQ Sauce, then wrap tightly in peach butcher paper
      8. Ensure the ends and seams are well sealed to prevent leaking. We suggest folding seams and edges to face upwards
      9. Place the ribs back onto the Traeger and cook for approx. 2 hours
      10. Check the pellet hopper to ensure pellets are full
      11. At the 2 hour mark remove the ribs to the cookie sheet, meat side up and remove the foil
        1. Ribs should have pulled back from the tips of the ribs and have some resistence or pull. We like our ribs to have more chew versus falling off the bone
      12. Season, sauce or honey glaze as needed and place back onto the Traeger
      13. Cook for an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour to set the sauce or glaze
      14. Enjoy

Grills / Grill Gear Used:

  • Traeger Pro 34 Ace SKU – 8474934
  • Traeger Big Game Blend Pellets Ace SKU – 8555021
  • Traeger Peach Butcher Paper Ace SKU – 8687162

Products Used:

  • Rub A Dub, 5280 Culinary Ace SKU – 8562050
  • Oink, 5280 Culinary Ace SKU – 8562043
  • High Altitude BBQ Sauce Ace SKU – 8560088
  • Low Country BBQ Sauce Ace SKU – 8560252
  • Happy Ending BBQ Sauce Ace SKU – 8560245