July Home Checklist

The summer heat is here, and for many parts of the country it was a rainy May and June.  Here are some items to pay attention to as things heat up in July.

  1. If your home has central air or a swamp cooler, clean the sides of the unit outside and remove any debris that may be clogging the venting fins. This will boost its efficiency and help keep you cooler in your home. Mist off the unit with a garden hose.

  2. Ants and fruit flies; This is the time when they are invading your home for sure, especially for the areas of the country that received so much rain. Use an insect spray for the perimeter of your home to treat the outside of your home to control the ants on the outside.  Inside you can use ant bait stations to feed the ants and eliminate the colony.  Keep in mind that that the bait stations will at first attract more ants but after a couple of days the problem should be solved.  For the fruit flies there are traps you can place right on your counter next to the fruit bowl to catch and eliminate them.  (rinsing the fruit before going in help bowl does help too)

  3. Mosquito’s can be a real issue for some and I have some ideas for that as well. There are several sprays and shakes you can use on your lawn that can last up to three weeks even after a few rain showers.  I have found these are really effective a day or so before a party to help lower the amount of mosquitos in your yard.  Candles, Tiki-torches, and even personal body sprays offer additional protection and even ambiance in your yard to help keep the bugs at bay.

  4. Screens and screen doors; You may have a few broken or torn screens. Now is the time to repair yourself with proper screen repair tools or bring them into your local Ace to be repaired.  It’s an easy fix that is a small investment to keep you more comfortable in your home.

  5. Touch up tree and shrub trimming; While most o f the major trimming should be done in late fall early spring you may notice some overgrowth from bushes and trees.  On older larger trees there may be branches jetting out from the trunk of the tree, those are called suckers and can be caused by the tree being under stress.  Those can zap the tree of nutrients so trimming them can have a positive effect on the trees overall health.  Don’t’ go crazy step back and look at the shape it should be and trim accordingly.

Always remember if you need more advice you can stop by your local Ace Hardware store, we have the expertise to help you better maintain your home.