Snow Me The Right Stuff – Tips For Tackling Snow At Your Home

For those of you that live in parts of the country that snow will be falling it’s all about being prepared.  A little time getting all the right stuff means when the snow falls you have what you need.  Here is a checklist of some of my favorites to help battle the elements.

  1. Two shovels not just one.  For picking up and throwing the snow I like a graphite shovel.  It has a strong but lightweight blade for picking up and throwing the snow and a steel shank and “D” Handle for a sure grip and strength when working in the elements and wearing gloves.  For pushing the snow, a snow pusher is a beast. The blade is a thick very strong acrylic that can push, scrape and chop and take a beating.  The handle is fiberglass, and reinforced at the connection point to the blade.  This is one tough snow shovel.

  2. Along with the snow comes the ice and not all ice melts are the same. The Ace brand Sodium based ice melt comes in different size bags but for my money the 5 gallon pail offers the best ease of use. It hold 40lbs of product and will work down to -10 deg F. It does a great job keeping the ice at bay and also easier on your skin and vegetation around your home.  Another option you may not have thought of is liquid ice melt. Products like Qik Heat is a pre-application of ice melt.  Before the snow comes down you use a pump sprayer and apply to your walkways and driveway.  It will keep light snow from sticking but if the heavy stuff comes down it will be much easier to shovel as the snow and ice just wont stick.  It also has residual value and over the course of the winter you will use less and less but still get the melting properties from it.

  3. If you use a gas powered snow thrower you know that proper engine maintenance is key to being able to start it . Wait you did not properly maintain it and it will not start?  Just like a clogged drain cleaner I have an idea for the engine that just might work.  Start your Engines is a fuel system revitalizer. It works in both 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines.  You pour the bottle into the tank and let it stand for about 10 minutes.  Add fresh fuel and start pulling.  The concoction will break up all the gum in the fuel lines and carburetor and that engine should start.

Your local Ace has plenty more items in stock to help get you through he harsh winter months.  Or just visit us online at