Squirrel Shenanigans

If you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well feed ‘em

Squirrels can be persistent pests at the bird feeder. They steal seed, damage your feeders, and scare off the birds. If you’ve tried everything to keep them out of your feeders your next step may be to create a zone away from the bird feeders where squirrels have easy access to their own favorite foods.

Go nuts and you just might have some fun while you’re at it!

  • Serve peanuts, hazelnuts or a critter food blend in an easy access “munch box”
  • Spike an ear of corn onto a comical feeder. Squirrels can be set up to look like they’re at the dinner table, driving or any number of other hilarious tricks.
  • Hang a bungee style feeder from a tree branch. Eyebolts screw into dried ears of corn. The squirrels will entertain you when they pounce and hang on for dear life to the bouncing bundle of corn cobs.
  • Screw a spinning windmill style holder into a post or railing. Spike ears of dried corn onto the feeder and watch squirrels climb and cling to the food.