These Gift Ideas are For the Birds

Bird feeders make great gifts for the “tough to buy for” person on your gift list. Birding accessories help you meet three of the biggest challenges in gift giving.

  • Finding the perfect gift for any age, interest, taste or type of dwelling.
  • Giving a gift that can be enjoyed well beyond the occasion.
  • Gift ideas for the person who has everything.

If you want to give something more original than a gift card, perfumed lotion, scented candle or gourmet food basket, you’ll find the perfect alternative in…your neighborhood hardware store.  Try these ideas:

GIFT IDEA FOR…new homeowners, recent retirees

What to Include:

  • Hopper-style bird feeder
  • Shepherd’s hook, decorative hook or bracket to hang it from
  • Tight-lidded container filled with premium wild bird mix
  • Scoop for the birdseed

GIFT IDEA FOR…families with children

What to Include:

  • A birdhouse
  • A suet feeder to stuff with nesting material

GIFT IDEA FOR…Avid bird lovers, style-conscious friends and relatives

What to Include:

  • A premium bird feeder made from copper, decorative glass or natural wood
  • Fill it with premium bird seed

GIFT IDEA FOR…An elderly shut in, a friend on bed rest, new parents

What to Include:

  • A bird feeder that suctions to the window

 GIFT IDEA FOR…nature lovers, bird watchers

What to Include:

  • An oriole or hummingbird feeder. (Even if they have one, it’s good to have several to attract these birds.
  • A package of powdered nectar
  • A container of bird jelly

GIFT IDEA FOR…hostess, neighbor, stocking stuffer

What to Include:

  • Pressed seed cakes in fun shapes like gingerbread men, pine cones or butterflies.

GIFT IDEA FOR…Condo or apartment dwellers

What to Include:

  • A small tube finch feeder. A compact size helps controls the number of visitors and fits nicely in limited space like a balcony. Finch or thistle seed is small enough not to be too messy.
  • No waste seed. Pre-shelled seed cuts down on the discarded bits that generate messes and can irritate neighbors.

GIFT IDEA FOR…Someone with a good sense of humor (or someone who needs one)

What to Include:

  • A squirrel feeder. Choose one that strings corn cobs from a bungee cord, or spikes ears of corn on a spinner. The acrobatics squirrels will perform are endlessly amusing.