What Birds Want In The Winter? Fat!

The number one hobby in the US is gardening.  The number two?  Birding!  If you live in a colder climate feeding the birds in the winter is one of the most important times to provide a meal for our feathered friends.  Birds need to burn more calories in the winter to stay warm so fatty seeds are better for that reason when it’s cold.

Suet feeders are perfect for birds that eat insects and Woodpeckers.  Suet (often beef) is made from the fat around kidneys and organs of animals. You can actually get it a butcher shop but at Ace we sell blocks of Suet that are mixed with seed and are perfect for winter feedings.  The blocks stay together in the cold weather and the birds can pick away as needed.  Yum! 

Peanuts without shells provide protein and fat and provides great nourishment for birds.  Cardinals, Jays, Chickadees and other birds love this high energy food.  But be mindful how you supply the peanuts are squirrels love them too.

Safflower is a white thin shelled seed that many birds will eat.  It’s a perfect winter seed as it can became soggy when humidity is high or it gets wet.  Just make sure to use the proper feeder.

There are lots of choices for feeding the birds and Ace has a nice selection.  And by feeding them in the winter you have a better chance of them coming to visit you when things warm up so you can enjoy them as well.

Always follow the manufactures instructions before using any product.