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Staging a home can be stressful! It seems you do so much work for a home you plan to leave.  A great way to help potential buyers envision a new life in your home is to give it a fresh and attractive new look.  We've gone through all those colors at The Paint Studio and selecting our top colors to help sell your home. Small Spaces Making a small room look bigger is a tough task, but did you think color could do the job for you?  Colors like Clay Figurine from Valspar is a great option when you want to avoid what walls. Sooty Lashes from Valspar surprises a lot of people as an option for a small space.  The dark tone on the wall helps walls recede vs. making walls seem closed in.  Sooty Lashes would work well in a small bathroom or dining room. If you're still locked into the idea that white is right for your walls, that's fine! Illumination from Clark+Kensington is a great white that still has a neutral undertone, unlike a traditional white.  It's not too pink or yellow, which is a color hue many people want to avoid when choosing a white toned color for a room. Open Spaces If you have an open floor plan, committing to a color can be a challenge. You need to cover a lot of space and you want to get it right to avoid repeating the painting process.  Use one color across the entire open floor plan. If you paint one part of the open floor plan darker then the other your open concept closes up for potential buyers.  A soft gray like Valspar's Modern Gray is definitely one to check out.  This trendy greige (grey/green) appeals to many audiences.  Try out New York City Winter is another one to test on the walls of an open floor plan. Sure Things From bedrooms to kitchens we've reviewed our color collection and selected our 5 favorites that we find suitable for anyone room in your home.  The following light colors are ones we want you to check out for your home staging...
  1. Chalk by Clark +Kensington
  2. Clay Figurine by Valspar
  3. Warm Oatmeal by Valspar
  4. Modern Gray by Valspar
  5. Pond Frost by Valspar
These light colors help offer potential buyers a fresh look that is similar to a blank canvas.  Having walls with a light color like these can help buyers envision where art, photographs and other decor will land when they lock the deal on your place. For more helpful advice, visit your neighborhood Ace or visit us online at