How To Paint Wood Paneling

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Removing or replacing wood paneling can be an expensive and messy situation for your home.  Painting the wood paneling can be a cost effective and beautiful transformation for your home. Let's go over the prep and tools you need to bring color to your wood paneling.

Remove Objects From Wall Like any paint project the results will only be what you expect if you put in the right preparation.  Start by removing an nails or hooks from the wood paneling. Next, locate any outlet or light switch covers and remove those as well.

Sanding Place a dropcloth on the floor and any furniture close to the area where you will be painting. Use a sanding sponge and lightly knock down the sheen on the wall. Move the sanding sponge in the same direction of the wood grain. This step is key in making sure the primer and then the paint can grab on to the newly sanded wood panel.

Tape the Wall Painter's tape doesn't want to stick to anything dirty or dusty, so this is the perfect time to wash and dry your baseboards before applying the painter's tape. Apply painter's tape on the trim and anywhere you don't want to get paint.

Prime the Wall With the tape set, it's now time to prime the walls. For the type of paneling we're painting we're going to use an Oil Based Primer.  Open up a few windows and get the air circulating when using a primer like this one. Start by using a paint brush to get in the gaps or lines between the paneling.  Then come back with a paint roller to get more coverage with your primer.

Patch It With the primer applied, it's time to to patch some of the spots that had holes in it from nails and hooks.  Using a paintable caulk or Spackle fill the holes.  We suggest using your finger vs. a putty knife. If you use a putty knife you may dig in or remove some of the grain with a tool like that. So, dip your finger in a Spackle bucket or caulk and put it in the hole. Give your hands a good wash after applying the patch.

Paint It For this wood paneling we are using Clark+Kensington Paint and Primer in One and the sheen is Eggshell . Just like the primer, you are going to start by filling in the gaps or cracks that are between the paneling first. Once all of those crevices are filled in then you will move to rolling on the paint. Wait 2 hours for the first coat to be dry and check and see if you can still see bleed through of the wood from the paneling. If so, apply a second coat.

Wrap It Up With the paint dry, it's time to remove the painter's tape from the wall.  Follow up next by placing your outlet and switch covers back on.

For more helpful tips and advice visit a neighborhood Ace.