Top 5 Colors For A Baby’s Room

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Having a new baby in your home is fun and exciting! One of the questions you will get asked most, what is the nursery theme or color? Let us help make the decision easy by offering up our top 5 favorite nursery colors.  Watch as Dana, from Sneade's Ace, runs through the color selections with inspiring room images.  Then, visit to learn more about these colors and get more helpful paint and color tips.

  1. Puff Pastry is a great neutral color that compliments any nursery theme.

  2. Looking to make a room look bigger? Then consider using Clear Blue Sky.

  3. If you think pink on all walls is a bit too much, try Calla Lilly Corsage. It works really well as an accent wall.

  4. Baby’s Whisperer is a timeless color, you will save yourself from repainting in a few years with a color like this one when you change out decor.

  5. Four Vines which is a great compromise color when you’re deciding between blue, green or grey.

Want to visualize these colors? Upload your room photo at and test them out.