Turkey Brine and Cooking Tips on Big Green Egg

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Watch as Ace's Grilling Expert, Chef Jason and Big Green Egg Ambassador, Dr. BBQ, show you the tips and tricks to make a delicious turkey on your Big Green Egg.

  • Brine Process (if using breast skip to step 6)

    1. Select the perfect bird, know its weight.

    2. Select the brine to fit your taste. We are using BAYOU BRINE

    3. Defrost the Turkey under refrigeration then remove the bird from the bag.

    4. Remove any gift packages in the bird. Check the cavity and neck area

    5. Rinse the bird inside and out.

    6. Place the bird into the brine bucket

    7. Follow the directions on the Brine package and add your brine to 2 quarts of water in a pan on the stove.

    8. Heat on HIGH for 5 minutes to dissolve the sugar and salt.

    9. Cool the Brine mixture, add ICE water and mix well

    10. Add Brine bag to bucket if desired

    11. Place the water into the bucket. BE SURE TO COVER THE BIRD WITH BRINE.

    12. Place in the fridge, fridge not big enough? Use a cooler large enough to fit the bucket and ice around the sides and over the top.

    13. Brine for about 45 minutes per pound. Be sure not to over brine. If you desire a stronger flavor, use a stronger brine solution for the same amount of time.  Example: 1.5 bags of brine for 45 minutes per pound

    14. Remove from the brine solution, NO NEED TO RINSE.

    15. Place 1-gallon zipper bag full of ice onto the breast area and secure using skewers

    16. Leave the ice bag on for 1 hour, leave turkey in the pan and on the counter



  1. Prepare your Big Green Egg for Indirect cooking and have your convEGGtor ready

  2. Light the grill and grow the temperature into the 200-degree range

  3. Add the convEGGtor to the egg at 200 degrees

  4. Adjust the top and bottom vents until the egg reaches 325-350 degrees

  5. Close the lid and maintain temp at 325-350 degrees

  6. Remove the ice bag from the turkey, remove the turkey from the pan

  7. Load the turkey onto the egg

  8. Close the lid and start checking temps after 1 hour

  9. Follow cooking times on our turkey tips sheet and cook to the proper temperatures for the white and dark meat

  10. When turkey is done, remove from the Big Green Egg and rest, covered for 15-25 minutes

  11. Carve and enjoy

  • Approx Big Green Egg Cooking times per pound: 15 mins per pound, set at 350 degrees INDIRECT

    • Big Green Egg Direct Cooking 8-10 Minutes per pound, set at 375 degrees DIRECT

  • Save those pan drippings, they make the best gravy.