5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Sump Pump

Sump pump

Is it time to replace your sump pump?  Here are the signs to look out for.  Ace’s Home Experts show you what to look for on a faulty sump pump.

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Sump Pump 

  • It is making strange noises.

    • Sounds coming from your pump can indicate worn or damaged parts. Investigate your pump by checking all visible parts. 
  • Vibrates excessively when running.

    • Pumps that have sucked up hard debris can have their impellers bent or damaged. It is best to take pipes apart to assess if any replacements may be a viable option.
  • Infrequent pump usage.

    • If you dont use it, you lose it. The same goes for your sump pump. Check on all parts by running under surveillance for a few days. If things are running smoothly, no worries.
  • Runs all the time.

    • This does not necessarily mean it is time to replace. However, sump pumps last up to ten years. Be sure you are not over running yours.
  • Visible rust.

    • Brown corrosion can be visible and harmful to your pumping system. This can me bacteria build up or rust in the pipes.

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Published: 4/2/2020