December Home Checklist

While it may be a little different holiday season for many of us, your home still needs a little TLC and I want to provide some guidance to keep things looking and running in tip-top shape.

December Home Checklist

Tackle these easy projects to keep your home in tip top shape.



  1. If you live in a colder climate and use forced air to heat your home, there is a good chance you have a whole house humidifier. There is also a good chance you have not turned it on yet and are feeling a bit dry indoors.  Make sure the dial or switch that controls the unit is on and if it has settings start at 35%.  Also ensure if there is a damper labeled summer/winter, open to winter.  Next most whole house humidifier’s have filters in them that should be replaced annually.  If the weather turns really cold and water collects on the inside of the windows turn the setting down to 25%.  It takes about 24 hours for the humidity level in the home to adjust.
  2. Do not overload extension cords with holiday decorations. The gauge of the wire matters, the higher the gauge number the lighter duty the cords are.  A 16-gauge wire is thinner than a 14-gauge wire.  Most indoor cords are 16 gauge and can safely provide extension to loads under 1000watts.  But that is a generalization.  Always check the printing on the cord or label.  Overloading cords can lead to a fire hazard.  When in doubt a thicker cord is always better and NOT overloaded.
  3. From furnace filters to water filters and change them for the upcoming new year. Make a list of the filters that need to be changed and make one quick trip to Ace to get them done. This is an easy maintenance project that will keep your home healthier and safer.
  4. It’s never too late to add weather-stripping to drafty windows and doors. Most are self-adhesive and come in different thicknesses and widths.  Eliminating drafts will keep you comfortable and lower your energy costs for sure.  A bonus tip lock all your windows, this helps seal out drafts and keeps the bad people out too!
  5. Buy a new outdoor grill! I know it’s not a maintenance tip but since we are all home more and cooking more, it’s the holidays and you deserve a new grill!  Charcoal, gas, pellet whatever you want it’s out there and waiting for a new home – yours! It’s a great way to make meal time unique and fun as you open up a new world of recipe options.

Always follow manufacturers instructions before using any products.

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Published on 12/8/2020