Tips for Snow Removal

If you live in a colder climate, snow removal is an inevitable routine in the winter months. It’s tempting to stay cozy and warm indoors and hire someone to do the hard work. However, if clearing snow and ice is part of your winter reality, try these helpful tips to make the job easier.

Tips for Snow Removal

  1. Spread ice melt
    •  As soon as snow and freezing rain begin to fall, spread ice melt on the driveway and walkways to help slow the freezing process.
  2. Don’t wait for snow to accumulate
    •  Grab a shovel and get outside as soon as you can, and , or count on the sun to melt the snow. A sudden drop in temperature can solidify snowfall quickly. Clear more than just a single-shovel path on the walkways, which will make walking safer.
  3. Clear ice patches
    •  If you can’t remove a patch of ice, spread ice melt on the patch. Then, crack it with an ice chisel or heavy-duty scraping tool. This will help accelerate the melting process.

Ice Melt
These are specific chemical compounds of salt and heat-generating solids. Check the bag to be sure the type you choose works at the temperatures you’re experiencing. If you have pets, look for a variety that won’t irritate their paws. Melting agents can sometimes cause skin irritation, so wear gloves. Or, a hand-held or broadcast fertilizer spreader works great for spreading the granules.

Snow Shovel

Upgrade to a stronger, lighter shovel to move snow easier and prevent muscle strain. Choose one with an ergonomically correct handle to protect your back.

Snow Pusher

Good for moving heavy, wet snow, these tools do what their name implies: They assist you in pushing large volumes of snow from one end of the driveway to the other. As an extra-added bonus, you can stand up straight instead of bending over while you shovel to put less strain on your back.

Snow Thrower

Although more expensive upfront than purchasing a shovel, investing in a good snow thrower can pay off by cutting down the time you spend shoveling, or recovering from aching muscles. And the maintenance is as easy as keeping your lawn mower in tune.

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Published: 3/5/2020