2020 Paint Color Trends

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Thinking of painting soon?  We've compiled the top trendiest colors for 2020. These colors are based on the concept of going back to nature with hues to make you feel calmer and more comfortable within your home.

2020 Paint Color Trends

  • Citron

    • This color follows through with the trends of 2020. Citron allows you to ‘feel better’ through its warm and cheery tones.
  • White Opal

    • White Opal warms up a room with its creamier undertones without feeling bland or sterile. This color is perfect for those who like to change things up within a moments notice.
  • Moment’s Notice

    • This trendy color offers botanical hues with a mix of gray and blue. This clean, color cools down rooms with lots of sunlight or heat, like the kitchen or sun room.
  • Stone Fireplace

    • Stone Fireplace brings a combination of calm and sophistication to a room. This hue is unsurpassed in its ability to relax and soften a room.
  • On The Green

    • This hue is the perfect trend for 2020. This earthy shade of green brings a pop of color unexplored in past trends.

Want to visualize these colors? Upload your room photo at thepaintstudio.com/visualizer and test them out. For more helpful tips visit a neighborhood Ace or find us online at acehardware.com.

Published: 1/02/2020