5 Budget Tips To Staging Your Home

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Annie, Ace's Paint Expert, is here with tips to get your home show ready for perspective buyers. From scents that will keep your home smelling fresh to her top paint colors to impress buyers, it's all simple to achieve.

5 Budget Tips To Staging Your Home

I’ve put together a list of 5 unique ways to stage a house for sale. With these tips, you’ll have that “SOLD” sign out front in no time.


Tip 1 – Make it smell good.

Anyone can tell you that you have to declutter. But, what nobody talks about is how to hit buyers with the sense of smell. Fresh Wave is a good neutral scent that appeals to males and females.  Put a jar of Fresh Wave on each level of your home.  That last up to 60 days and continue to eliminate odor day after day.

Tip 2 – Paint Neutral Colors

You probably know you have to paint, but what colors should you use? Buyers have a hard time looking past bright or dramatic paint colors, even though you might think it’s perfect in the room. To appeal to the widest number of potential home buyers, repaint your walls a neutral color like white, beige, or light gray.
Some of my favorite colors are from Clark + Kensington and include:
  • Designer White
  • Linen CW-W6
  • Before the storm
Tip 3 –  The Rule of 3
An insider tip among home stagers is to group decor pieces by three. Place a large, medium, and a small piece of complementary decor next to one another on a coffee table or between the books on your bookshelf for a put-together look. This compositional rule is simple enough for anyone to try and leads to professional-looking results, all while allowing you to minimize the amount of decor you use for staging. Try, pairing a tall vase with two smaller candles. Or set a stack of coffee table books next to some fresh flowers and a small, sculptural piece.
Tip 4 – Light It To Love It
Show your home in its best light, literally. Make sure your bulbs are consistent across the home. From photos to in person showings, a home that mixed with incandescent, curly CFLs and LEDs may impact how your home looks in photos and person.
When replacing bulbs, look at using LED in warm white color temperature. These bulbs will give a warm and welcoming effect vs. a daylight bulb which offers a cold and clinical effect to the space. Don’t forget to replace any outdoor bulbs to show off your place for any buyers passing by at night.
When your home is ready for a showing, put all your lights on so potential buyers can see how bright and airy the home looks.
Tip 5 – Green Up Your Grass
I got this tip from my local Ace. Before your relator takes professional photos of your home, apply Scotts Green Max with a spreader. This product has a unique formula that feeds your lawn and provides a deep greening in just 3 days. How cool is that?
| Published on 12/29/2021.
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