5 Ways To Use Christmas Lights

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Looking for unique ideas for using holiday lights this season? Take a look at these easy projects that are fun to create holiday decorations with the whole family!

5 Ways To Use Christmas Lights

Tomato Cage Tree

Utilize holiday lights to make a great indoor or outdoor decoration.  Start wrapping your Christmas lights around a tomato cage, just be sure to have the outlet you'd plug in at the bottom when threading.

Hanging Baskets

Take two wire hanging baskets you'd use for gardening and zip tie them together. For added flare, consider spraying the wires of the added basket to a color that compliments your holiday decor. Next, wrap lights around the basket to create a beautiful holiday ball wrapped in lights. Just be sure that the outlet part of the lights is at the bottom for easy access.

PVC Candy Canes

Grab 1 P-Trap, 2 ft PVC pipe and a drain bottom and assemble those pieces together to represent the shape of a candy cane. Once done, drill holes in the PVC pipe, all around the shape.  When you're done, wrap painter's tape around the cane to make the pattern of stripes on a candy cane.  With the tape applied, spray the candy cane with spray paint that can be applied to plastic.  Let the paint dry and you have yourself an easy and fun candy cane decoration.  Take your candy cane to the next level by feeding lights inside the candy cane, just making sure the outlet part of the lights is at the bottom for easy lighting.


Have some leftover glass ornaments you want to make use of? By threading fairy, micro or small battery operated lights inside of glass ornaments is the great start of a centerpiece for a table. Once you have the lights threaded through the ornaments, place them inside your favorite holiday basket or bowl for a merry and bright table decoration.

Glass Ornament

Take a globe light cover and added a fun holiday design using painter's tape. With the tape set, spray the globe with spray paint to give the glass globe a decorative look. Once dry, remove the painter's tape. Fill the glass ornament with lights to help it glow like it would if on a Christmas tree. A great next step is to place your large globe ornament on a bed of fake snow. We love this look if you vary up the globe light cover sizes.

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Published: 3/3/2020