How To Add Bark To Your Traeger Brisket

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If you're looking for tips on getting a dark and tasty bark on your brisket, you've come to the right place.

How To Add Bark To Your Traeger Brisket

You picked out the perfect Packer Brisket and want to impress everyone at the table with your amazing bark.  Join us for this recipe as we share our secrets for bark making success.

Yield: Serves 12-14 people
Prep time: 20 Minutes (trim, season, store)
Cook time: 10-12 Hours plus 1 hour resting time


Measure   Ingredient                                                                        Prep Notes      
13-15 lb        Brisket, Whole, Packer                                             Choice
¼ Cup           Rub-A-Dub Seasoning                                              or to taste
¼ Cup           Island Boys Coffee Rub                                            or to taste
3 cup            Apple Cider or Apple Juice                                     

Brisket Spray / Injection Directions:

  • Wash, rinse, and sanitizer your sprayer before each use
  • Place Apple Cider or Juice into trigger sprayer or pump sprayer
  • Pump sprayer up to build pressure
  • Adjust nozzle for medium mist, not stream

Brisket Prep Directions:

Remove brisket from package and pat dry with paper towels
Trim silver skin on top and bottom of brisket and remove completely
Pay attention to deckle fat and trim accordingly to remove
Do not season in that pocket, instead lay the point down and season on the top
Trim fat around the edges to 1/8” or less
Trim any grey or discolored meat (due to oxidation) from around the edges
Trim any off pieces around the edge or thin pieces that will burn or dry out
Trim fat cap on top to 1/8” thickness or less (less fat will result in more smoke ring, better bark)
Place brisket in a large disposable aluminum pan, pay attention to the way the grain/fibers are running
Season the meat side with a generous dusting of Rub-A-Dub and Island Boys Coffee Rub
Season the fat side with a generous dusting of Rub-A-Dub and Island Boys Coffee Rub
Let rest on the counter for 30 minutes while grill reaches temp

Brisket Cooking Directions:

  • Pre Heat your Traeger to 180˚ F
    • Loaded with Ace Reserve Blend Pellets
  • Adjust smoke to desired level if using Traeger Ironwood or Traeger Timberline
  • Place the brisket FAT SIDE UP on the grill grate
  • Load your probe – Traeger probe, MEATER+ or other wireless probe
    • Load probe into thickest part of the point/brisket
  • Smoke until brisket reaches an internal temp of 165˚ F
  • Spray brisket with Apple cider every hour for the until it reaches temp of 165˚ F
  • When brisket reaches 165˚ F degrees double wrap in butcher paper
  • BEFORE WRAPPING - Spray with Apple cider, heavily, on both sides
  • Return to the grill
  • Adjust grill to 300˚ F
  • Continue to cook for an additional 2-3 hours
    • Or
  • Until brisket reaches a temp of 203˚ or 204˚ F
  • Once brisket has reached temp, place wrapped brisket into a small cooler and let rest for 1 hour
  • If needed, place back on Traeger to dry out the exterior and help the bark crust over more
  • Remove brisket from the cooler, after resting – be sure to clean the cooler well and leave open to air out and breathe
  • Slice brisket against the grain, sauce on the side and enjoy

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Published on 4/22/2022.
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