Ace It In Three: Cleaning And Organizing

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When you have time on your hands and lots of projects to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Lou Manfredini is here to help you clean and organize your home more easily and efficiently. Here are answers to three commonly asked questions on home organization.

  1. What are the best home organizing tips?
    • Start by asking yourself, “Have I thought about, touched, or used this object in the past six months?”  If the answer is no, you might want to donate, recycle or throw away the item.
    • Check your closet. One of the best ways to organize and clean out your closet is to invest in a closet organizer. They are easy to install and keep you organized. Upgrading or refreshing your hangers is also a great way to organize and make the space look cleaner.
    • For the garage, pull everything out, sweep the floor, patch the walls, and wash the ground. You would be amazed at what a transformation that will make. Add in shelving units will keep your garage clean and organized in the future.
    • In the house, organize those cabinets. Pull everything out and wipe it down. Lay some contact paper to give it a fresh new smell and look.
  2. How to jump start Spring Cleaning?
    • Write it down and set a deadline. With a deadline, you can prioritize your bigger projects to ensure they get done. When writing down your goals for a specific project, write down any supplies you'll need so you can know what you might need to buy.
  3. What about disinfecting your home?
    • It starts with soap and water. This may seem simple, but it truly goes a long way. Remember, you can never wipe things down too much. We are constantly touching and re-touching things. Be sure to do a thorough wipe down several times a day.
  For more advice and ways to Ace it, visit Ace Hardware's Tips & Advice  Published: 3/27/2020