Ace It In Three: Get Grill Ready

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Chef Jason is here to help you get grill ready this coming grill season. Let Chef J show you the 3 must have grill items to Ace grill season.

Ace It In Three: Get Grill Ready

  1. Grill Brush

    • The grill brush is an important tool for every chef. This tool should be replaced seasonally. Be sure that your brush has sturdy bristles to get into the cracks for a nice fresh clean.
  2. Shop Vac

    • A craftsman shop vac does wonders when it comes to cleaning out your drill. No other product can get those crumbs out as well as a shop vac can!
  3. Fuel

    • Sometimes you do not use all your fuel by the time grilling season is over. So, you wrap it up and store it for next year. Be sure to inspect that fuel before using it again next year. Make sure nothing has nested in it, no water has diluted it, or nothing has tampered with it.

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Published: 3/27/2020