Ace It In Three: Secrets On Fertilizing Your Lawn

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With Summer just around the corner it is never too early to start thinking about your lawn. Let Matt, Ace Lawn Expert, tell you the tips and secrets on how to treat your lawn this season.

Ace It In Three: Secrets On Fertilizing Your Lawn

1) What is the biggest mistake everyone is making in their lawns?

Today, most homeowners are waiting too long to fertilizer their lawns. You need to fertilizer your lawn in the earlier parts of the seasons. Before the 50 degree weather days come consecutively. Boosting your lawn earlier makes for a greener more luscious lawn all summer.

2) What are the secrets to the greenest lawn on the block?

Think about your lawn’s soil. The more water in your yard, the more compact it becomes. If your soil is too compact, it makes it difficult for the roots to expand and grow. You can correct that with foundation conditioner. With this conditioner, you spread it over your lawn to help loosen the soil and allow sunlight and root growth to remain priority.

3) How do I keep bugs away from the house and yard?

There are many products on the market that keep the bugs away. First, you can spread bug repellent on your lawn. This is done with a basic spreader and is easy to do. Second, you can use spray treatments that create a barrier around the foundation of your home and lawn. Either method is highly effective.  

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Published: 3/25/2020