Ace It In Three: Tips On Starting Seeds

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Gardening is easy and fun for the whole family. Ace’s Garden Expert, Matt, is here to help you Ace starting your seeds quickly and efficiently!

Ace It In Three: Tips On Starting Seeds

  1.  Understand The Climate You’re In

    • For colder climates, it’s not a good idea to start seeds outside. You don’t want to move seeds outdoors until AFTER the last frost of the season.  For indoor seed starting, you can use seed starting trays or seed starting pots. The seed starting pots are simple and easy to use. Once you’re ready to transplant them, you can place the whole pot in the ground.
  2. The Right Type Of Soil

    • A top soil or a potting soil tends to get clumpy and hard to grow in. Your seed is not strong enough to break through the clumps and spread its roots. Using a potting mix is perfect for a growing seed. The strategically mixed moss helps retain water and disperse it over/around the seed.
  3. Lighting At Home

    • If you do not have a sunny and warm spot in your home, use a plant lamp. These lamps are specially designed to nurture and warm your plants when the sun cannot reach it.

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Published: 4/4/2020