Ace It In Three: Choosing Colors

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Thinking about painting, but need help picking a color? Check out today’s “Ace It In Three” for some quick tips and advice from one of Ace’s color experts!

Ace It In Three: Choosing Colors

1) How do I go about picking color?

If you walk into any paint store you’re going to see thousands of choices, but don’t get overwhelmed. If you are unsure on which color path you want to take, check out the smaller palettes. Magnolia Homes has 150 choices that all match and work well together. No matter which combination you choose, you can’t go wrong!  

2) What are the top trending colors of 2020?

Earthy and natural is the direction 2020 is headed in. Many options of deep blue, earthy greens, and a few lovely blush colors. Beiges and grays are always a great base color for project.  

3) How do I color sample?

1- Many like to take home paint chips. Paint chips are a great way to help match a paint color with fabrics, wall fixtures, or furniture. 2- Pint size paint samples are great when you’re ready to commit to painting your space. Use your sample to paint in the corners, differentially lit areas, and in open spaces. Check the color throughout the day to ensure you love the color. 3- Stick on samples are perfect for those who are not quite ready to commit to the brush yet. With these sticky color samples, you can stick and re-stick all over your walls!  

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Published: 3/26/2020