The Best Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

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Trying to sell your home? Small spaces looking smaller? Use Ace's color guide to help stage your home for the right buyer. Lou Manfredini shares the most popular paint colors for homes on the market, how to make your small spaces look bigger, and the coziest colors for your rooms.

The Best Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

Small Rooms

For smaller spaces looking for that restful feel, try Clark and Kensington Haven Of Coziness. This color does a great job softening up smaller spaces while cooling it down for that comforting feel.


Clark and Kensington Illumination has a great neutral undertone. It is not too pink, or too yellow. It will not drown out your decor. This color is perfect for all spaces, but truly invites in the bedrooms. This cool toned color blends smoothly with any lighting and can last for years to come.

Bathrooms and Dining Rooms

For your bathroom or dining room try Clark and Kensington Union Square. Union Square has a sweet blue undertone that bounces on your walls making them protrude like art. This color is perfect to counter any white wainscoting or tiling that may be near.

Open Floor Plans

For your open floor plan home, be sure to keep the majority of the walls the same color. Light and bright keeps the eye moving and feel more spacious. Colors like Clark and Kensington Inspire Ave and Clark and Kensington Chalk are great options for a soothing and glowing space.  

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Published: 3/2/2020