Hot and Fast Brisket on a Weber Kettle

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Today is a first for me, after much talk about this hot and fast brisket method, I felt we needed to give it a try.

Hot and Fast Brisket on a Weber Kettle

So let’s enjoy this brisket journey together, who knows, we might save ourselves some time along the way.

Yield: Serves 8-10 people
Prep time: 35 Minutes (trim, season, store)
Cook time: 4 – 4.5 Hours

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Measure   Ingredient                                                                   Prep Notes      
8 lb               Brisket, Flat                                                              Prime
1/4 Cup         Oil, Canola/Olive Blend                                           
¼ Cup           Rub-A-Dub Seasoning                                         or to taste
¼ Cup           Island Boys Coffee Rub                                       or to taste
2 Cup            Beef Stock                                                                 or to taste

Brisket Prep Directions:

Remove brisket from package and pat dry with paper towels (if there is excessive juices)
Trim silver skin on top and bottom of brisket and remove completely
Trim fat around the edges to between ¼” to 1/8”
Trim any grey or discolored meat (due to oxidation) from around the edges
Place brisket in a large disposable aluminum pan, pay attention to the way the grain is and make a cut against the grain, at the edge to give you a reference point for post cook slicing
Lightly coat with Canolive Oil
Season both sides with a generous dusting of Rub-A-Dub and Island Boys Coffee Rub
Let rest on the counter for 30 minutes (while grill heats up) to help draw in some of the rub flavor

Brisket Cooking Directions:

Heat your Weber Kettle to 350˚ and setup charcoal baskets for indirect cooking
Turn cooking grate upside to allow access doors to stay open and make charcoal pouring easier
Add drip pan and load with 2-3 cups of water to help add moisture to the kettle
Adjust smoke to desired level, adding in some dry wood chunks to get more smoke
Place the brisket FAT SIDE UP on the center of the grill grate
Load your probe – using the Weber connect app, set the temp probe alert to 165˚
Load probe into thickest part of the brisket flat
Cook/Smoke at 350˚ until brisket reaches an internal temp of 165˚
Spray with Brisket spray at the first hour mark, then every 30 minutes after that until the brisket reaches 165˚ internal temp
When the brisket reaches 165˚ double wrap in foil.  Add to the foil 1 – 1.5 cups of beef stock
Return to the grill
Adjust the Weber connect probe alert for 205˚
Continue to cook for an additional 1-2 hours
Until brisket reaches a temp of 205˚ internal
Once brisket has reached temp, place wrapped brisket into a small cooler and let rest for 1 Hour
Remove brisket from the cooler, after resting – be sure to clean the cooler well and properly sanitize
Slice brisket against the grain, sauce on the side and enjoy

Shopping List:

Weber Performer Kettle                                                   Ace SKU – 8406704
Lump Charcoal                                                                     Available at your Local Ace Hardware
Chimney Starter                                                                  Ace SKU – 8211369
Rub-A-Dub Seasoning                                                       Ace SKU – 8562050
Island Boys Coffee Rub                                                     Ace SKU - 8059876
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Published on 1/12/2021.
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