The Best LED Bulbs For Your Home

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Learn the simplest ways to choose LED light bulbs.  Instead of decoding how to convert watts to lumens and demystifying what kelvins are, you’ll get helpful advice to start saving time, money, and energy. Use our guide to buying LED Light Bulbs – unplugged.

The Best LED Bulbs For Your Home

Making The Upgrade To LED Bulbs

Over a lifetime, an LED bulb saves much more money than it cost to buy. However, up front, it is much more expensive than we are use to spending. You may want to upgrade to LED's in phases. Start with those hard to reach places like chandeliers, outdoor lighting, or bulbs placed in vaulted ceilings. Then, make it a priority to upgrade the bulbs that are used the most.

Light Beams On LED Bulbs

Light pattern is important when it comes to replacing your bulbs to LED. Notice LED bulbs that have a white out effect at the base. The wider the effect, the more concentrated the beam. For kitchens, bathrooms, and around fireplaces use a more concentrated beam. For chandeliers, bedrooms, and dining rooms use a thinner white banded bulb for a glowing effect.

Color and Brightness For LED Bulbs

Ambiance is key to setting the mood in any home. Some LED bulbs have more of an amber glow verses a cooler blue tint. When choosing an amber bulb, be sure to keep in mind that this specific low light bulb gives off a warmer, soft diffused light. Warmer bulbs are popular for rooms that you relax or entertain in. Bulbs resembling daylight give whiter and brighter beans. Because of their bright white beams, they add contrast to your decor by making whites brighter. Uses these bulbs where you craft, read, or need extra concentrated light. When it comes to brightness,  a great all purpose bulb will reside around 800 lumens. This is a great middle bulb to help gauged the best brightness for your home.  

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Published: 2/17/2020