How to Choose Paint Colors: Room Feel

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Choosing the right color for your space can be stressful. You may feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Follow Ace's design expert, Katie Reynolds' advice on choosing a color that is right for you.

How to Choose Paint Colors: Room Feel

When you're starting to feel overwhelmed and your ambitions start to derail, focus on how you want your room to feel.

Create A Mood

The way people feel in the presence of color is very consistent. Blues are calming, reds are stimulating, and light in the room conquers all. Deep colors and rich shades create a relaxing atmosphere and ambiance. Colors in there lighter versions create an open and soft feel.


Bedrooms are for comfort and reflection. Choosing lighter, calmer colors creates a soft atmosphere. While deeper colors bring the mood to a more steady beat.


These rooms tend to be smaller with lots of hard reflective surfaces. A bold, cooler color works perfectly in this space, making walls recede and absorb the reflective surfaces.

Children's Rooms

Children's rooms should be fun, but not too overstimulating. An all over bright color can wind children up. Compromise and paint the walls a neutral color giving the room accent colors of their choosing.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

Entertainment areas are great for creating a bolder mood. A stimulating color in the dining area promotes conversation and movement. While in the kitchen, bringing in a rich accent color creates an ambiance of life and development.

Living Room

In common spaces avoid bright, bold colors on the walls. Choose a color that does not clutter the decor or furniture theme.

Home Office

Work spaces are needed for creativity and productivity. The color you choose promotes everything you do there. Choose a calming color that has a hint of energy, a warm white, calming grey, or soft blue counter balance the pressures of work.

Helpful Tips

  • Choose a color that creates the mood you want
  • Pulls from your surroundings
  • Balances with the room's function
  • Makes you feel good

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Published: 2/5/2020