Choosing LED Bulbs… Simplified

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Take the confusion out of replacing incandescent bulbs by learning only what you need to know about LED bulbs. And, get quick tips that easily explain terms like wattage, dimmable vs non-dimmable bulbs, color temperatures and omni-directional bulbs.

Choosing LED Bulbs... Simplified

Watts vs. Lumens

You are used to looking for watts, but the brightness of LED light is now referred to as lumens. Instead of memorizing conversions, many LED brands list the conversion right on the packaging making it easier for your bulb selection.

Dimmable Bulbs

If you are buying a bubble for a fixture that is dimmable or a 3-way lamp that produces low, medium and high light then make sure you get a dimmable bulb.

Color Temperature

LED bulbs come in multiple color temperatures.   Soft white light casts a warmer light in the room and is good for creating ambiance in a whole room or accent lighting. The cooler light of daylight bulbs can make details more visible. So they are good at your bath vanity, utility areas and at task or reading lamps.

Omni Directional Light

If the label doesn't say omni directional the light may cast more of a spotlight effect.  That's good for closets and utility spaces you will want omni directional bulbs for your overhead lights, table lamps and floor lamps. They cast light evenly in all directions.

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Published: 3/2/2020