How to Choose the Right Paint Brush and Roller

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A good quality paint job requires high quality tools. When painting your space you will need more than just a roller and a paint brush.  Let Lou show you the proper equipment to buy and which tools will make for the best performance.

How to Choose the Right Paint Brush and Roller

Roller Pans

With every roller there needs to be a paint tray to dip it in. You can purchase a metal tray or a hard plastic tray. When buying a metal paint tray you can place thin plastic liners inside. This makes for an easy clean up and paint switch. For a more economic option, there are harder plastic options that are disposable as well.

Extension Poles

Extension poles make the job much less strenuous. You will save on the effort of painting that tall ceiling or high up on a wall by attach an extension rode to your roller.

Roller and Nap

When choosing a roller, be sure to choose one with a threaded end. This gives you the option to attach an extension pole if need be. Nap refers to the woven cover of the roller sponge. When choosing a roller, the nap is important depending on the texture of your paint surface. A higher quality roller won't peel off the roller or leave streaks.

Paint Brushes

There are two types of paint brushes, synthetic and natural bristle brushes. Synthetic brushes are great for any paint job, especially when paired with latex paint. For solvent or oil based paints, use china bristle brushes. They absorb less and spread evenly.

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Published: 1/23/2020