How to Clean a Grill

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Learn how to clean your gas or charcoal grill inside and out. See how to remove heavy BBQ residue and get tips on which cleaners to use and how to save time by cleaning as you go.

Safety First: Be sure to work on a cool grill and all heating sources are detached/removed. Working on a gas grill, make sure the gas is off at the control knobs and at the tank of gas. Always check the labels to any cleaning products and follow packaging instructions.

  1. Scrape It Clean

    • Dry brush the inside to scrape off any debris or stuck on food.
    • Scrape the grates, favorizer bars, or heat deflectors, remove them, and soak in warm water.
    • Brush the burner tubes. Make sure to go across and not lengthwise.
    • Dump out all of the loose debris that has fallen into the drip tray, and dunk the catch pan into soapy water.
    • Replace grill brushes regularly
  2. Wash The Inside

    • Use dish soap and water to wash the inside of the grill using a nylon scouring pad. 
    • Make sure to dry it off when you are finished to prevent water spots and rust.
  3. Wash The Outside

  4. Clean As You Go

    • Run your gas grill on high heat 15 minutes before using it to burn off food residue left over from your last use.
    • Sponge down the surfaces of the grill after each use, when the grill is warm, but not hot.
    • Dump out grease and ash traps regularly.
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Published: 3/11/2020