How to Clean Up After Painting

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You are all done painting for the day. Where do you start in your cleanup process? Take Lou's advice on paint storage, cleaning messes, and saving brushes.

How to Clean Up After Painting

  1. Clean brushes using warm water immediately after using.  For latex paint, use a paint thinner to remove paint from brush
    • Store brushes hanging upside down to help keep the integrity of the bristles.
  2. Use an old newspaper to pull nap roller off your roller. These are usually disposable. Clear any paint stuck to your roller and store for next time.
  3. The best way to fix spills and splatters is to try and prevent them from happening in the first place.
    • Be sure to tape off your painting surface and cover any delicate areas.
  4. Always keep a bucket of clean water and rag near by whenever you open a can of paint. Drips happen. Clean them with water before they dry.
  5. Place a rubber band around a can vertically. Each time you dip your brush in the can use the rubber band to wipe off the excess.  This prevents you from using the edge and causing drips down the side of the can.
  6. Use a rag to clean the rim of your paint can before closing the lid. Place a rag over the lid and tap can closed with hammer. The rag prevents splatters

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Published: 1/23/2020