How To Grill A Turkey Breast

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When it comes to cooking turkey, I am not always in the mood to cook an 18-20 lb beast.  Sometimes we want turkey and we want it now!  Guess what?  Now you can have turkey, right now!

How To Grill Turkey Breast

Here’s a recipe that will work on any grill you have, it’s that easy and helpful too.

Printable Recipe Here for Grilled Turkey Breast
Yield: Serves 4-6
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 90 - 120 Minutes


Measure     Ingredient                                                                           Prep Notes   
1 Each          Turkey Breast, Cage                                                                   7-8 Lbs
2 Tbsp            Oil, Olive Blend
Taste              Rub-A-Dub, Chef Jason                                                         BBQ Provisions Rubs
If desired     
1 lb                  Bacon, Thick Sliced                                                                Applewood Smoked

Cooking Directions:

  • Purchase Turkey Breast Cage. Things to look for:
    • Fresh vs Frozen (both are good)
      • Allow frozen breast 1-1.5 Days in the fridge to fully defrost
    • Natural or Solution Enhanced
      • Solution can contain 8-20% solution of salt, sugar, spices and seasonings
      • Solution also contains roughly 200mg sodium per 4oz serving of turkey
    • Open package and remove any giblets
    • Drain liquid off turkey and pat dry
    • Remove and extra skin or fat that you don’t want
    • Rub all over with oil
    • Season to Taste with Rub-A-Dub
    • Allow Turkey to sit, on a cookie sheet pan for 10-15 minutes
    • Start your grill and adjust temp to hold at 350˚
    • Once grill is heated to 350˚, turn off burners or adjust grill to indirect and ensure that temp is holding at 350˚
    • Load the turkey breast with the cage standing up
    • Load your temperature probe if desired into the thickest part of the breast lobe
    • Cook at 350˚ until breast reaches internal temp. of 105˚
      • Approx 1 Hour
    • If desired – cover with a bacon blanket (bacon weave blanket of 1lb thick sliced bacon)
      • Carefully place the breast into a cast iron skillet and let heat up for 5 minutes
      • Cover with the bacon blanket and cook until desired doneness
      • For crispy turkey skin, remove bacon when temp reaches 135˚ internal
      • For more flavor, leave bacon blanket on until fully cooked
    • Cook Turkey to 165˚
    • Once at temp, carefully remove the turkey
    • Rest on Cutting board for 5 minutes
    • Sliced and serve

Supplies Used:

Published on 10/10/2022.
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