How to Hang Holiday Lights from the Roof

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Looking to bring holiday glitz to your roof this holiday season?  Learn our tips on hanging holiday lights correctly and safely from your roof. See which holiday lights work best on your roof to give a dazzling display.

How to Hang Holiday Lights from the Roof

Choosing The Right Lights Our recommended lights to use are an LED C7 or C9 bulb strand. The large size of this bulb illuminates the large space of a roof and when spaced out nicely can really make you the show stopper on the block. Icicle lights offer a dense cascade of light offer an elegant look to a roof line Choosing The Right Clip Light clips that fasten without nails or staples are the  ideal choice when hanging lights from your roof.  Space them to avoid your lights from dropping down in between the clips. At the roof line, place light clips that slide onto your shingles or clay tile. S shaped clips make it easy to string lights across your gutter. If you like a uniformed look choose clips that allow you to fit your light into the clip, thus holding it into a steady position.

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Published: 2/2/2020