How To Hang Holiday Lights On Railings & Posts

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From railings to posts, see our tips on creating a welcome lighting display at your home.  Find out the right lights that are perfect for the job and how LED can bring added dazzle to your holiday scene.

How To Hang Holiday Lights On Railings & Posts

Posts Rope or Tube lights wrap easily around posts. Try and avoid sagging on the posts so the light set doesn't slide down. When installing, make sure the plug end is at the bottom, this way you don't have cords being exposed to your beautiful light design.  Using red or white lights on posts is a fun way to give a candy cane type of look to your posts.  Prelit garland is a great option on posts as it brings beauty day and night to your home.  To secure your lights to the post, start by placing a nail in the post at the top with a light clip. If you want to avoid nail holes, consider a zip tie to secure the lights. Railings LED light sets work great if you have long railings on your home.  Be sure to measure the railings in advance of purchasing lights.  By getting the appropriate length you avoid having to connect multiple light strands together.  Consider purchasing light strands and outdoor extension cords that blend into the background so you don't have cords exposed to your holiday scene.  Secure the lights on your railings with light clips or zip ties. Just make sure the strands are tight to avoid the lights from sagging or falling out of the clips completely.

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Published: 3/2/2020