How To Hang Lights from Windows and Doors

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Welcome guests to an inviting light display with our expert tips on hanging lights from windows and doors.  See which lights work best and how to hang them properly without damaging them.

How To Hang Lights from Windows and Doors

Windows When lighting hooks indoors, adhesive hooks area easy to put up and can manage quite a bit of weight. Best part is they come down without leaving a hole and you can reuse them year after year. You may want to stock up on the adhesive strip as it can give way after constant use. Mini lights or C6 lights are great for complementing windows. You can compliment the look with flame less candles or a wreath to really bring holiday cheer to your windows.  Consider battery operated LED lights on inside windows.  This option is great at lessening the likelihood of unsightly wires moving across your home. Doors From brick to stone, there are fasteners for holiday lights no matter what material resides on your home.  Choose clips and holders that match where you plan to hang lights. For instance a white trim on a door, use a white clip or holder. Prelit or decorated garland is a great way to make a statement to guests coming in your home or walking around the house. Consider cluster lights if you want to illuminate a doorway even more. Garland hangers are a quick install and easy way to hold up your decorations without worrying about damage to doors or walls.

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Published: 3/2/2020