How To Hang Lights on Landscaping

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Lights on trees always helps a home stand out in the season. See our tips on how to apply lights to your landscaping to avoid tangles and tear to your light set.

How To Hang Lights on Landscaping

Choosing Extension Cords It's important when hanging lights outside that you select extension cords that match the area you are lighting. For instance, lights hung on white gutters you will want to use a white exterior cord.  Extension cords in areas of greenery like bushes and grass, a green exterior cord does a great job of blending in.  Just be careful that your cords don't become a trip hazard. Shrubs Mini light sets or C6 lights work well on shrubs or small trees. Just be sure to loosely drap the lights on the set so removing them is made easier. If the lights are on too tight then weight from animals or snow can unplug the lights easily. Evergreen Trees For bushes or trees that are thick like an Evergreen tree, use a large bulb so the lights don't get lost or pushed into the foliage. A C6, C7 or C9 work well in this instance. Sculpted Hedges Net lighting works well when you have rounded or squared hedges.  By easily placing these net lights on top you can completely cover the hedge and still keep your intended shape.

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Published: 2/3/2020