How To Install Baseboard Trim

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Installing baseboard trim is a great way to improve the appearance and value of your home.

How To Install Baseboard Trim

Check out our tips on how to cut trim and attach it yourself, no pros needed. Just you!


Measuring A Room For Baseboards

To figure out how many boards of baseboard trim you need, we'll use a measuring tape to calculate the square footage of that room. With a pencil and paper on hand, draw out the room on paper. Put a number on each corner. Then start in corner number one. Use your measuring tape to measure the length of the wall in inches from one corner to the next. Write that number on your paper. Continue that process to move from corner to corner around the room, documenting the size of the trim you will need to purchase.

Tools For Cutting Baseboards

Before cutting baseboards make sure you use the proper safety equipment specified by the tool whether that be safety gloves, safety glasses or a face mask. Understand the necessary equipment and use it properly.
When cutting baseboard trim you have two options.  If you love a good power tool, then look no further than the  miter saw. A miter saw will get this task done quickly and accurately. A Sliding Miter Saw has a powerful motor designed for cutting 2x dimensional lumber, hardwoods, baseboard and trim with ease. The sliding 7-1/4-in. blade allows for a cross cut capacity of up to 8-in. while the 9 miter detents and single bevel blade allow for angled cuts. The LED light eliminates shadows and provides an accurate easy cut line to follow. With a lightweight design and side carry handles provides the user with additional portability.
If you're looking for an option that does not require a power tool, then look no further than the Hand Saw Miter Box. The box has preset cuts for 45 and 90 Degree angles, allowing for precisely beveled corner cuts. It features 12 teeth per inch for smoother cutting.

Installing Baseboards

With the trim cut hand, it's time to bring it to the wall and attach it. For this process it's easiest for a nail gun. A nail gun will make the process faster, consistent and avoid damage of the to the board as you secure them to the wall. If wanting to avoid using a nail gun then a hammer and nails can be used to install the baseboards. The suggest nail size for installing baseboards is 1 ½ inch nails.  If you are nervous about damaging or splitting the baseboard, you could consider pre-drill of your nail holes.
Published on 2/1/2021.
Always follow manufacturer's instructions before using any product.
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