How To Maintain Your Deck

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Watch and learn how to maintain your deck in this 3 part series. In this part 1 video, we'll cover the 3 C's of deck maintenance including: checking the condition, cleaning and completing simple repairs.

How To Maintain Your Deck

Prep, Clean, Repair
    • Clean it right
    • Check the condition
    • Complete simple repairs
  1. Test It
      • The water test helps decide if you need to re-stain your deck.
        • Pour water onto your deck, if it beads up, then wait a few weeks to test it again.
      • The bleach test helps decide if your desk has mold or mildew.
        • Hold a rag with bleach on it to fuzzy gray or black areas. If the mark is gone, you have a mold problem.
      • The fingernail test helps decide if you need to treat your wood before you stain.
        • Press your finger nail into the wood. If it leaves an indentation, you need to treat your wood.
  2. Clean It
    1. Special cleaners are specific for each issue.
    2. Pressure wash it
    3. Scrub your with your cleaner into the deck with a deck brush.
    4.  Sand it lightly after
  3. Fix It
    • Repair any simple issues
      • Nails
      • Joists
      • Lumber

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Published: 3/2/2020