How To Make A Duck Tape Spider Web

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Time to grab the duck tape because it's ready to rescue your Halloween! With a couple peels of the tape you are on your way to making a fun porch greeting or a side walk for trick or treater's to creep on.

How To Make A Duck Tape Spider Web

Gather up your simple supplies because this decoration can be completed in just minutes!




  • Make sure this project is done on a dry surface.


  • Start by peeling and applying your duck tape starting with a small shape, whether it be square or circle at the center of your chosen surface.
  • Next, you will start branching off the shape you made. Remove four strips of duck tape to sort of branch off of your shape with 4 straight lines that come off of the shape.
  • Remove enough duck tape to now lay on top of all 4 of those straight lines. You will continue the process of branching off of the shape that preceded it.
  • Make the spider web as large as you want it. Like a real spider web, each are unique and different.

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Published: 9/23/2020