How To Make A Farmhouse Kitchen

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Love the farmhouse kitchen look, but don't have the budget?  It's easy and affordable to convert your current kitchen into a rustic cooking space that is timeless.

How To Make A Farmhouse Kitchen

Paint the Cabinets

Installing new cabinets in your kitchen is a significant expense.  It also eliminates the hub of your home from being used.  Painting your cabinets is easy and affordable.  Start by adding primer to your cabinet doors and trim.  After the primer is completely dry it's time to add paint. We like the cabinet and trim paint from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines.  The paint comes in 150 timeless colors. You just can't make a mistake with these color options.  We like the color Shiplap for the cabinets, because it offers that fresh and clean look to the cabinets.  Add two coats to the cabinets to ensure good coverage.

Add Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet pulls and handles offer character to bland cabinets.  When adding hardware measure and make the holes with the doors on.  If you are worried about getting the handles exact, a cabinet installation kit is a great aid for your drill.

Paint the Walls

By adding a warm color to the walls you are able to allow your new cabinet color to pop.  Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines also has wall paint options.  We like the color "Earl Gray" for the walls.  Make sure you add two coats of paint to the wall.  Kitchens are a busy place and by adding two coats you are helping the wall withstand the traffic it will take.

Add Working Accessories

Complete the character of a farmhouse kitchen by making the room work for you.  Adding baskets for fruit, shelves that hold cups and stainless steel pitchers that hold flowers can help accomplish that look.  A good rule of thumb for a farmhouse kitchen is every accessory should serve a purpose.

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Published: 3/2/2020