How To Make A Plexiglass Barrier

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This easy DIY Plexiglass barrier is simple and easy. Let Ace’s home expert, Lou Manfredini, teach you a fast and portable way to make your plexiglass barrier.

How To Make A Plexiglas Barrier

What you will need

Plexiglass To Size

4 L Brackets

Screws and Nuts Sized for L Bracket

Power Drill

  1. Lay The Plexiglass

    • Lay your Plexiglass flat down
  2. Line Up Brackets

    • Line your brackets up on end of the plexiglass
  3. Mark The Holes

    • Mark the holes of the L brackets with a sharpie
  4. Drill Into Plexiglass

    • Drill on the sharpie marks all the way through the plexiglass
  5. Sandwich The Materials

    • Sandwich the plexiglass with the L brackets and screw nuts and bolts into holes
  6. Locate Anywhere

    • Stand on any flat surface as needed

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Published: 6/26/2020