How To Make A Time Capsule

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Making a time capsule for your backyard is an easy and affordable family project.  Whether you're including memories from your family or historical items, it's a fun way for your family to tell your story.

How To Make A Time Capsule

Pick Out A Tube

Start with a 3 inch PVC pipe. Many times a pipe of that size comes in a larger length then you need. Talk to the associate on staff about cutting it down for you to your desired length, we suggest 2 feet long.  Really the size will depend on the contents you want to put in the tube.  Once you have the appropriate tube size, locate fittings that will go on the end of the tube.  One of the ends is going to need to be a screw top end.  The people that find your tube need to be able to open it! Make sure the fittings will be snug to the tube. You don't want water or moisture getting in and ruining your treasures inside.

Spray Paint It

Now that you have the PVC picked out, grab yourself a bright color spray paint like yellow so it's easy for the people finding your time capsule to locate it!  Of course white stands out in the dirt, but a bright color will avoid the tube being mistake for a standard PVC put into the ground.

Fill It

Once the tube is dry, place your mementos inside the tube.

Glue It

It's time to lock the items in the tube.  Apply PVC primer and PVC cement to the end that does not have the screw top on it.  Apply the glue and lock on the end. You're done!  Now place the time capsule in your selected and municipality approved spot.  You never want to dig into the ground without having the spot you've selected approved.

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Published: 3/2/2020