How To Make A Wall Ruler

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Keep track of your growing little ones with this unique wall ruler. It's a perfect way to watch them grow.

How To Make A Wall Ruler

Gone are the days of tracking your kids on a door jam. This wood board ruler can be taken with you from a different room to a new  home.


  • SKU: 5072566 1′ x 8′ x 6′ common Pine Board
  • SKU: 5028387 Hillman 4 in. Card Stock Heavy Duty Stencil Set 36 pk
  • SKU: 2828606 Milwaukee Tape Measure
  • SKU: 1549427 Rejuvenate Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Markers
  • Rag for stain


  1. Lightly sand your board to remove any rough spots.
  2. Using an old rag layer of stain on your entire board and wipe using a clean part of the rag.
  3. Repeat previous step until you reach the desired color, allowing time to dry in between coats.
  4. Take the stencils decals and tape them to the board, using a pencil create has marks
  5. Using the paint, start stenciling and adding the hash marks.
  6. Hang in desired location using a sturdy hook or nails.
Published on 3/21/2023
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