How To Make Oysters On A Traeger

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We’re taking some beautiful Pacific Oysters and giving them some deep tropical flavors and that signature wood fired fun from the Traeger.

How To Make Oysters On A Traeger

Enjoy these oysters with a Mai Tai and you’ll think you’re on the islands. Aloha!


Print Recipe For: Traeger - Island Style BBQ Oysters

Yield: 12 BBQ Oysters
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Temp: 400˚ - Indirect Heat



Measure   Ingredient                                                     Prep Notes      
16 ea            Pacific Oysters                                            Live and chilled
1 tsp             Ginger, Fresh                                              Minced or Crushed         
1 tsp             Garlic, Roasted                                           Minced or Crushed         
¼ cup           Sweet Chili Sauce                                                                                             
4 tbsp           Aji Mirin                                                                    
1 tbsp           Tiki Tiki, 5280 Culinary   
1 tbsp           Fire Honey, 5280 Culinary        
1 tbsp           Sweet Soy Sauce  
1/8 tsp          Chinese Five Spice         



1 tbsp           Chives, Fresh                                                            Finely sliced         


Preparation Directions:

Wash all tools prior to use
Clean and sanitize all cutting boards and prep surfaces prior to use
Read all manufacturer’s instructions before using grills, or any cooking tools
Make sure to keep oysters in the fridge, on ice.  If in a plastic bag, keep bag open so oysters can breathe
Clean out Traeger as needed and change drip tray liner
Fill pellet hopper with Reserve Blend Pellets
Set Traeger to 400˚, hit enter and hit ignite
While Traeger is heating up –
Inspect oysters for dirt and make sure they are all alive prior to cooking
Place onto the Traeger Grilling pan
Make sauce as follows
In a medium mixing bowl add
Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Chili Sauce, Aji Mirin, Tiki Tiki, Fire Honey and Chinese Five Spice
Mix well to combine and allow to sit at room temp while cooking oysters
When temp hits 400˚ add the Oysters (on the Traeger grilling pan) to the Traeger and close the lid
Cook for 5-7 Minutes or until shells start to open
Using heat proof gloves, carefully remove the Oyster and bring into the kitchen
With an Oyster Knife, CAREFULLY open the oysters and release the adductor muscle
Keep the oyster in the big half of the shell, being careful to save the oyster liquid
Line up the oysters against each other to stabilize them and keep them from leaking the sauce and liquid
Top each oyster with about 1 tsp of sauce
Add the Oysters back onto the Traeger and close the lid
Cook for 5-7 Minutes or until sauce and juice start to bubble
Using heat proof gloves, carefully remove the Oyster and bring into the kitchen
Garnish with finely chopped chives

Shopping List

Traeger Ironwood 885                                                          Ace SKU – 8030462
Reserve Blend Pellets                                                            Ace SKU – 8015887
Trager Grill Basket (Grilling Pan)                                    Ace SKU - 8019502
Tiki Tiki, 5280 Culinary                                                        Ace SKU – 8017400
Fire Honey, 5280 Culinary                                                   Ace SKU - 8017719
Published on 3/12/2021.
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