Leftovers With Annie: How To Paint A Football Accent Wall

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Here's a paint project that's a real touchdown for an accent wall. With a couple tools and minimal paint this new look to a sports room is ready to be tackled.

How To Paint A Football Accent Wall

Check out the easy instruction to achieve this wall in your home.

Choosing Paint

For this project you can either paint the entire accent wall or just half the accent wall. For this project, we choose half the wall as there were other accents in the room that involved the Benjamin Moore color, Van Deusen Blue. The green color is called Deep Jungle and that will achieve the field look. The accent for the numbers will be completed with the color, White Heron.  These colors are from Benjamin Moore as well. Benjamin Moore is a great paint to use in kids room because of its durability and scrub ability.

Tape The Walls

Tape the walls and trim that you don't want to get paint on. Remember, we're just doing a half a wall so we used a measuring tape to measure the entire wall and marked the half way point with a pencil. From there we ran a straight line of tape across the center of the room. Using a level will help make sure that line is straight. Since we don't want to get this Deep Jungle color on the Van Deusen Blue above it you want to use good quality painter's tape. This will avoid any bleed through and save you on retouching time.

Paint The Field

With the tape applied to the key areas, it's now time to apply the Deep Jungle color across the bottom half of our room. Start by cutting in the space with a paint brush and the follow up with a paint roller. You may need to apply up to 2 coats, depending upon the color you are painting over. With the Deep Jungle on the wall, let that dry for several hours because our text step will involve taping over the fresh paint and we don't want to risk it peeling.

Add The Numbers

With the Deep Jungle color of our field dry, we're ready to add the numbers to our football field. For this you will need to make sure you use delicate painter's tape. This type of tape is designed to go on freshly painted surfaces.  Measure the entire width of the wall again so you can figure out if you're having a 50 or 100 yard football field. Start by taping the area you plan to place your field numbers. Mark each area with a strip of the delicate paint and use your level again to make sure those field lines a crisp and straight just like the pro's get on the field. Next, using paper stencils tape on the appropriate field numbers to indicate the yards on the field. Stencils come in a range of sizes, so you can go big or small depending up on the number of yards you want. Our stencils were 5x7 sized. Use the White Heron paint to fill in the field lines and numbers. Again, you may need to add a second coat in order to completely cover that Deep Jungle color from coming through. Once you've painted your lines and numbers for the field, remove all of the painter's tape when the paint is still tacky to ensure you can remove the tape smoothly without impacting your perfectly straight lines and number
Published on 2/3/2021.
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