How To Paint A Galaxy Ceiling

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Painting a Galaxy ceiling is a great way to change the look of a room and to bring some new found fun to it. Watch Lou show you the easy way to make your space out of this world.

How To Paint A Galaxy Ceiling

  1. Prep The Space

    • Prepping a room is key. Be sure to remove/cover any furniture or fixtures in the way. Patch any holes in the wall that may cause trouble.
  2. Tape The Room

    •  When painting a galaxy ceiling, you want to bring the ceiling down to you. To do this, you will need to paint a few inches down the wall.
    • 6”-8” down the wall or off the top of the trim is the perfect place for that line.
    • To get that perfect straight line, you can use a laser level to help tape off.
  3. Paint and Prime

  4. Galaxy Effect

    • To achieve this, you can use glow in the dark paint, stick on stairs, or paint pens. Your ceiling is your galaxy to create.

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Published: 4/24/2020