How To Paint Shutters

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Painting shutters is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Let us fill you in on some helpful tips and tricks on how bring your home back to tip top shape.

How To Paint Shutters

Prepping and Cleaning

  • Remove shutters - Removing shutters allows them to cure and dry faster.
    • Sometimes this involves unscrewing a few screws, while in other cases, shutters  can be stuck in place.
      • If stuck, tape shutters off and paint them while attached.
*TIP: Be cautious of insect hives behind shutters


*TIP: Do not paint vinyl shutters darker than their original color. This may cause the surface to warp due to heat absorption.
  • Be sure to apply paint in a well ventilated area.
  • While using a high gloss enamel, paint sides and ends first.
  • Use small brushes like Ace's Premium 1 inch paint brush or the Shur Line Mini Trimmer to get those edges flawlessly.
  • Allow paint to dry completely before applying second coat.
  • When finished painting, allow shutters to dry over night before reinstalling.

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Published: 3/3/2020